We are currently working in partnership with MotorTaxi Amsterdam.. offer a  high priority, dedicated motorcycle courier service in the Randstad area and beyond, for all priority shipments that have to arrive on time, for example broadcast or presentation material, vehicle and computer components, legal documents, and many others.

GT BasketPicnic baskets a speciality....

The great advantage of our motorcycle courier service is that our bikes are almost never brought to a standstill by traffic
conditions, ensuring that your deliveries arrive on time, as needed.

Our customers currently include television stations, many creative businesses, law firms, autoparts suppliers, PR and advertising agencies, IT companies as well as private individuals.
Our prices are no higher than a conventional van-based courier, but our speed, service and dedication make us stand out from the crowd.

Call Ruud on 0900 3335555 to discuss your requirements, or mail to:

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